Banjo Kazooie

banjo kazooieGruntilda, an evil witch, wants to be the prettiest in the world and asks her cauldron Dingpot who the "nicest looking wench" is, a reference to Snow White. However Dingpot tells her that Tooty, Banjo's sister, is the prettiest instead. Gruntilda gets angry, mounts her broomstick, and leaves her lair to kidnap Tooty, so that she can transfer Tooty's beauty into her own body using a machine she and Klungo built.

Banjo and Kazooie walk outside of their house to find Tooty gone. Bottles, a nearsighted mole who saw Grunty kidnap Tooty, tells Banjo what happened and proceeds to teach him six basic moves to help him progress through the witch's lair. Banjo subsequently sets out into the enormous lair to save Tooty from Gruntilda by traveling through nine different worlds and defeating various bosses and enemies along the way. He also meets several allies who would return in the sequel, including Mumbo Jumbo.

Game Details

Release Date:

May 31, 1998


Nintendo 64


Rare Ltd


3D Platformer


IGN - 9.6 - Review

Gamespot - 9.5 - Review