Star Fox Assault

star fox assaultStar Fox: Assault takes place in the Lylat system, a location featured in the previous games. All of the planets visited in the game, save for the Aparoid Homeworld, have been seen in previous titles. Venom, prominently featured in past installments, is not seen.

Assault features the core Star Fox team, with Falco Lombardi having returned, and Krystal taking over Peppy Hare's former spot. Peppy has retired from flying, and now resides in the Great Fox with ROB overseeing the missions. Star Wolf, returns as well. Pigma Dengar was kicked out, and Andrew Oikonny left. In their place is newcomer Panther Caroso.

The game marks the introduction of the Aparoids - insect-like creatures that are part-machine, part-life form. The Aparoids are capable of infecting other life forms and machines and transforming them into Aparoids. The game calls this infection Aparoidedation. Large Aparoids contain a core memory that contains instructions as well as information on contacting the Aparoid Homeworld.

The Aparoids are led by the Aparoid Queen on their home planet. The Queen believes that all things in the universe exist for the Aparoids to infect, and that becoming an Aparoid is not infection, but rather a form of evolution. Beltino Toad created a program that took advantage of the fact that Aparoids cells are created using apoptosis which is a chemical used in self destruct programs. Fox used this program to destroy the Aparoid Queen. As all Aparoids are networked together in a hive mind, once Fox executed the self-destruct program in the Aparoid Queen all of the Aparoids and their home planet were forever annihilated.

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Release Date:

February 15, 2005


Nintendo Gamecube






IGN - 7.0 - Review

Gamespot - 7.3 - Review