Super Mario Bros Wii

super mario bros wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii​ is the first game in the Mario main series since the Mario Bros. arcade game to feature simultaneous multiplayer gameplay, and the first title to include Nintendo's new 'Super Guide' feature.

The game’s plot is similar to those of other side-scrolling Mario games. New Super Mario Bros. Wii follows Mario as he fights his way through Bowser’s henchmen to rescue Princess Peach. Mario has access to several power-ups that help him complete his quest, including the Ice Flower, the Fire Flower, and the Starman, each giving him unique abilities. While traveling through up to nine worlds with a total of 88 levels, Mario must defeat Bowser's children, the Koopalings and Bowser Jr., and Bowser himself before finally saving Princess Peach.

The game includes simultaneous multiplayer capability of up to four players. In addition to the main story mode, which can be played in either single-player mode or in multiplayer mode, there are two dedicated multiplayer modes. "Free for all Mode" ranks players at the end of each course by score, coins, and enemy kills, while the other mode, "Coin Battle," ranks players on the amount of coins collected.

Game Details

Release Date:

November 15, 2009


Nintendo Wii






IGN - 8.9 - Review

Gamespot - 8.5 - Review



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